WRQ Introduces Holistix Strategy

E-business infrastructure software provider WRQ this week unveiled Holistix, a
strategy it believes will address the escalating needs of mission-critical
Web systems.

Holistix Web Manager seeks to enable rapid and reliable e-business growth
by providing Web, IT, and business managers with comprehensive
identification, organization, monitoring, and management of all Web system

The Holistix.net Web site will
Web system managers with information, applications, news, community, and
product and service solutions focused on the needs of e-business and Web
systems management.

“Web system management is the next core initiative for any company who
depends on their e-business infrastructure,” said Bill Yaman, WRQ’s vice
president of Web systems management in a statement released by WRQ.
“Holistix Web Manager allows IT and Web managers to provide their customers
with a consistent, reliable user experience.”

Holistix manages e-business sites by monitoring the current and past
health of Web components. It also enables managers to pinpoint, resolve and
prevent problems. Holistix safeguards the customer’s Web experience by
continually reporting on availability and site responsiveness through its
comprehensive view of all Web components and capability to scale quickly
when new components are added.

The Holistix.net resource center contains a performance index for quick
feedback on basic site performance, a library of Web system management
related research and articles, an online forum, an e-mail newsletter and a
complete list of Holistix’s product and service offerings.

Established in 1981, WRQ develops and markets software and services
targeted to IT
managers in need of enabling the e-business infrastructure in complex
WRQ offers a suite of solutions, including terminal emulation, enterprise
application integration, and end-to-end Web system management.

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