Zat Announces the Spin Java Authoring Tool for the Mac

Zat Inc. this week announced that Spin, the company’s Java application authoring tool will add support for the Macintosh platform.

Zat said Spin 1.0 is “the first authoring tool for Internet applications that enables development of both server- and client-side applications by non-programmers.” The tool utilizes the JavaBeans architecture along with its own proprietary authoring technology to make the development process easier for non-programmers.

“The Zat product provides the best implementation I have seen to date. Based on our knowledge of existing and emerging tools, we believe that Zat’s product has the potential to become a dominant authoring tool for the Internet,” said Bill Stewart, Apple Computer’s QuickTime project leader.

Selling for a pre-release price of $495, the Spin Developer Release is available now. Those who purchase the developer release will receive a free upgrade which is scheduled to become available in late summer, 1999. Zap estimates that the retail price of Spin 1.0 will be $1,495.

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