Zat Releases Java Servlet Authoring Tool

Zat Inc. Friday released the preview version of Spin, its authoring tool which allows the development of server- and client-side Web applications by non-programmers.

Spin utlizes a JavaBeans architecture along with new authoring technology to enable professionals to create interactive, distributed applications for Ecommerce, intranet, entertainment and education sites.

The tool uses Java as a scripting language and enables non-programmers to create and integrate custom JavaBean components into distributed applications without programming. Additionally, programmers can utilize the full power of Java to develop specialized applications.

Users of Spin work with components which Zat calls “actors,” and they define “behaviors” for those actors. An “actor” is simply an arbitrary JavaBeans component, while a “behavior” defines the characteristics of those components.

Actors and behaviors are contained in “capsules,” which are “higher-level objects” that contain one or more of these components. Capsules break large projects into smaller modules, which simplifies the development and maintenance of such projects.

Spin applications are cross-platform, and as such, are portable to any operating system capable of running the Java Virtual Machine. The product also offers access to third party JavaBeans as well.

Spin Developer Preview Release sells for a retail price of $495 and includes a free upgrade to Spin Version 1.0 when it becomes available in late summer, 1999. Spin 1.0 is expected to retail for $1,495.

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