Zing Gives Users a Lift While World Wide Waiting

Zing Network, Inc. this week announced that the company’s first product is designed to free users held hostage by the “World Wide Wait.”

The Zing player is an Internet-based application that displays user-selected entertainment–including images, animations and sound–to users while they are waiting for pages to load in their Web browser.

The Zing player is a free companion for Netscape and Microsoft Web browsers
that displays fast, fun short clips, or “Zing spots,” while a user is
waiting for a Web page to download. The player immediately minimizes when
the page appears in the browser so that users are entertained while they wait.

The Zing Player currently features ten channels with content ranging from
music and movies to art and language. Users are able to personalize Zing by choosing any of these channels that showcase a variety of individual spots.

Featured spots were created by Zing partners including Rolling Stone Music Network, Billboard, Universal Studios, Surfer Magazine, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Premiere, and Chronicle Books. The Zing “spots” were developed using Macromedia’s Flash technology, and are between 10K and 90K each.

To download the Zing Player, or for additional information, visit the Zing
Network Web site.

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