A Fashionable Extranet

Barcode ticket provider STR Gresham Business Forms Ltd reached overseas from
its native Britain Thursday to tap Burlington, Mass.-based Authoriszor Inc.
for an extranet.

Financial details were not disclosed.

The security firm has licensed its Authoriszor solution to Gresham, which
produces barcode tickets for the
retail fashion industry.

The company took steps to develop its extranet technology to provide
always-on order processing, improve production efficiencies, enhance
customer service and reduce transaction costs.

The solution’s multiple servers will make it possible for Gresham to deliver
secure order tracking, invoice and packing list information to their
4,000-member customer base.

The server software was developed to protect Gresham from file deposition,
Trojan attacks and, just as importantly, cyber-fraud. When used in
conjunction with Authoriszor’s client software, Gresham will be able to
identify both the client and the client’s machine. Gresham’s customers will
only be able to access their own account information.

This is important to the 20-year-old Gresham, which produces more than 2
million barcode tickets a day for their

“Gresham needs a highly secure solution, one that will enable our customers
to safely transact business while ensuring that only the appropriate access
is given to the appropriate people,” said David Stevenson, Gresham’s IT

Stevenson also said licensing Authoriszor enables his firm to focus on
growing the business with less concern about customers safely conducting
business transactions.

“Authoriszor solution is more than a security feature — it is a business
enabler that will help improve our overall efficiency,” Stevenson said.

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