AltoCom Unveils 56Kbps Modem for Embedded Apps

AltoCom, Inc. today
announced the release of AltoCom SoftModem 3.0, a product the company is billing as the first 56Kbps software modem for embedded applications including handheld PCs, set-top boxes, screen telephones, and fax machines.

SoftModem 3.0 runs on general purpose CPUs that are already in computing devices to eliminate the need for dedicated digital signal processor chips.

AltoCom said the product was written entirely in C using fixed-point vector processing, is operating system independent, and can be ported to any processor capable of meeting the real-time requirements.

Introduced today at the Embedded Systems Conference in Chicago, SoftModem 3.0 is immediately available in an X2 implementation. An upgrade to the newly announced V.90 standard is scheduled for availability in the second quarter of this year.

SoftModem is currently featured in products such as Philips’ Velo 500 and Nino, Sharp’s Mobilon, Samsung’s Smartphone SCS-100 and Infogear, and Compaq’s PC Companion. New licensees will be announced next month.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates AltoCom’s continued leadership in
delivering the fastest, most portable software modem solution,” said Zarko
Draganic, president and CEO of AltoCom. “The availability of AltoCom’s
56Kbps software modem satisfies the demands of our customers for the
fastest possible connections over standard phone lines.”

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