Bay Networks Acquires Start-up Netsation

Bay Networks, Inc. announced today
it acquired Netsation Corp. for $11.6 million in cash.

Netsation Corp., a Research Triangle Park, NC-based startup, is a developer
of network management solutions.

Bay Networks states the acquisition will enable it to enhance its network
management products, by integrating Netsation’s Network Configurator tool
with Bay Networks’ own network management product, Optivity.

Network Configurator is designed to better manage router and switcher
configuration by offering a solution that automates the configuration of
multi-device networks.

“The Web-based management capability we will provide our customers will
effectively eliminate the constraints of distance and time for network
managers,” said David House, chairman, CEO, and president, Bay Networks.

“The combination of Network Configurator and Bay Networks’ Optivity
management system sets the stage for significant value-added configuration
management solutions for both service provider and enterprise customers.”

Netsation’s CEO Sean Harrison will now report to Clive Foreman, vice
president and general manager of Bay Networks’ Network Management Division,
and its employees will continue to work out of the Research Triangle Park

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