Brazil’s SGL Commerce Prints E-Bills Through Web Browsers

The lack of credibility regarding e-commerce and the large number of
hackers inspired Brazil’s
SGL Informática to include a
feature that can generate bills as an alternative to credit card operations
in their newly-released SGL Commerce.

“With this new feature the user will be able to print, in his or her own
printer, the bill generated by the virtual shop cashier,” explained
Fernando Segalla, SGL Informática’s director.

Th solution makes it possible for e-tailers to customize such bills with a
business logo, and to include information such as order numbers. The
service is also able to track the order’s status.

Retailers can print copies of the password-protected documents. The
software is supported by
all 4.0 or later browsers.

The SGL Commerce system uses security features for data transmission, is
totally encrypted, and boasts ease-of-use catering to even the computer
barely-literate. Other new advantages offered by the company are its
marketing, support and upgrades.

“We want to change the tendency of selling products in closed packages,”
explains Segalla.

Segalla also said that the company is interested in developing partnerships
as a business
strategy and is offering SGL Commerce on a hiring basis, or as a
result-sharing site and service on the Internet.

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