Canadian Internet Projections Unveiled

11 CORINFO Research today announced the
release of the 1998 Canadian Internet Marketplace, an up-to-date
compilation of Internet
research that provides some of the most comprehensive coverage of the Canadian
online industry and marketplace.

The 1998 Canadian Internet Marketplace sponsors an expanded companion Web site with two unique features: “The
Canadian Internet Probability Table,” which helps ground 1998 Internet hype
hysteria before take-off; and “The 10 Most Insightful Comments on Computing
and the Internet/Online Industry in 1997,” which contributes ideas of
clarity and
accuracy in an effort to help understand evolving online trends.

The most popular feature of the Web site is Drive-thru Stats, a listing of
benchmark data designed to assist companies with research, analysis and
strategic online planning.

“The reason this research is important is because many Canadian companies
have miscalculated their online marketing strategy based on industry hype
and inaccurate online usage assumptions. The current trough of
disillusionment in the
business community is not so much a failure of technology as a
misunderstanding of the online marketplace,” said Ron MacSpadyen, Director
of Business Development for 11 CORINFO Research.

The report is the result of a 14-month composite research strategy based on
a wide variety of data sources.

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