Colleagues Remember Postel’s Contributions

Tributes about Jon Postel continue to pour in online from Internet groups and colleagues around the world touched by Postel’s work and shaken by his death.

The Internet Society posted a black start page honoring Postel, and issued a press release and a condolences and remembrances page where friends posted their thoughts. Some of the correspondence includes notes from Vint Cerf, Jun Murai and others. In addition the page featured Cerf’s in-depth tribute to Postel.

In his moving memorial, Cerf said: “He had been our rock, the foundation on which our every Web search and e-mail was built, always there to mediate the random dispute, to remind us when our documentation did not do justice to its subject, to make difficult decisions with apparent ease, and to consult when careful consideration was needed. We will survive our loss and we will remember.

Even Network Solutions posted a news release, “Network Solutions Reflects on the Loss of Dr. Jon Postel”.

“Jon Postel is an important historical figure in the development of the
Internet. His work over the past decades played a significant part in the
worldwide growth and development of the Internet as we know it today,” said
Gabe Battista, Network Solutions’ chief executive officer.

“Network Solutions is proud to have worked with Dr. Postel and will move
forward into the 21st century drawing from his lasting contributions and
continuing legacy for all the Internet community.”

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