Cuesta Announces Web-N-Able For Real-Time Web Publishing

Cuesta Technologies announced Web-N-Able, a real-time, Web-based content management tool that has a built in menuing system to allow non-skilled people to organize and maintain a sophisticated Web site.

“It takes a lot of small, detailed steps to properly set-up and maintain a Web site,” said Monty Swiryn, Cuesta’s general manager. “Too many companies have to rely on outside services to update their Web pages. Web-N-Able allows us to do the basic engineering of the site and then ‘hand off’ the content management portion of the task to the client. In this way we’re saving the company thousands of dollars and weeks of frustration.”

Web-N-Able’s unique menu system provides intuitive navigation around each client’s site. Clients can edit different components of the site separately–changing text, graphics or data without interfering with any of the site’s other components. All they need is a Web browser and an Internet connection, the vendor said.

Other features of Web-N-Able are its page generation, detailed visitor and session tracking and what the vendor calls “click minimization.” The vendor-hosted software takes care of many tasks in the background, making site maintenance as easy as possible for the user, the company said.

To set up a new Web-N-Able site costs $6,500 (+ custom graphics design if needed). The price includes hosting on the vendor’s high-performance Web server.

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