Deja News Upgrades Site

The Deja News
discussion network today debuted a series of enhancements to its site, including a redesigned user interface, three new content channels, and improved search engine functionality.

The new channels launched today–Health, Science and Social Science–will be added to existing categories such as Arts, Business, Computers, Education, Entertainment, Government, Global and Local, People, and more.

Deja News said its newly enhanced search engine enables users to locate and join targeted discussion communities more easily. The search engine matches specific search data with appropriate discussion forums.

“Internet discussion naturally inspires a sense of community that is
enhanced when participants feel at home and comfortable with the process of getting involved,” said Guy Hoffman, president and CEO of Deja News. “As we continue to improve the user experience on Deja News, we’ll continue to see more and more people making Deja News their home for discussion.”

Deja News features over 60,000 Internet discussion forums, including
Usenet newsgroups. The discussion site said it has more than 125 million monthly page views.

The company provides discussion services to America Online, AT&T WorldNet Service, Bell South, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, InfoSpace, Lycos, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, The Microsoft Network, Open Text, WebCrawler, Yahoo! and ZD Net.

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