DHL Unveils “DHL Connect” Shipping App

DHL Worldwide Express announced the release of a new software application that the company said is designed to streamline the international shipping process.

Called DHL Connect, the product uses a point-and-click environment to simplify the sometimes daunting tasking of sending goods overseas, DHL said.

Patrick Foley, chairman and CEO of DHL Airways, commented: “DHL Connect empowers those at any level of experience in the complexities of international air express shipping with a powerful tool to easily and quickly process and manage their shipments. With Internet connectivity, DHL Connect is designed to be a one-stop resource for international shippers who want to ship from their desktop to the world.”

Among the procedures automated by DHL Connect are:

  • preparation of the required shipment documentation
  • requesting courier pickup
  • shipment tracking
  • sending the recipient a notification that the shipment is on its way
  • preparation of lists and reports
  • supply ordering

DHL Connect has what the vendor calls a “hybrid design,” being partly
Windows-based and partly Internet-based. It integrates client software with the World Wide Web to provide a tool that is always up-to-date, DHL said.

For shippers based in the USA, DHL Connect will be available on CD-ROM
and via download from the DHL Web site from mid-July.

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