Dotcoms Benefit from “Success Driven PR” Model

ROME — Global media/public relations firm, The Sedge Group, launched its
“Success Driven PR” model today after a three-month test period that
benefited dotcoms and high-tech companies throughout Europe and North

“Billions of dollars are spend each year by companies on PR campaigns,” said
Group CEO, Michael Sedge. “The success or failure of these expenditures is
often difficult, if not impossible to track because of the complex nature of
global media. The results of PR work frequently appears months after the
actual work has been done. In addition, with the Internet, it is difficult
to follow every site that picks up a client’s press release or article. Many
companies, as a result, feel they are pitching money into a PR-black
hole–and some are.”

Adding to this problem, Sedge points out, is the recent industry down-swing.
Start-ups and even established high-tech companies no longer have the luxury
of extensive PR budgets. Media coverage, however, remains to be a key factor
to the success of many businesses.

Helping companies overcome these problems is the force behind The Sedge
Group’s “Success Driven PR” model.

“We looked at the problem, and the need, and came up with a solution,” said
Sedge. “That solution was to offer PR and media services that target the
customer’s need, but charge them only for the coverage they receive.”

A very simple, yet effective, business model, The Sedge Group charges a
US$500 monthly retainer, plus flat rates for each published article,
interview, or mention of a company. This, said Sedge, relieves dotcoms and
high-tech companies from the burden of large PR expenditures.

“The Sedge Group acts as a publicist/media firm to get companies exposure in
the high-tech/finance media. Part of our service includes creating and
distribution of press releases, working with journalists and
editors–pitching stories about companies and CEOs–and coordinating
interviews. The focus is always to gain exposure and achieve the company’s

During a three-month test of the “Success Driven PR” model, companies like
Arrowhead Space & Telecommunications, DeepBridge, and PlanetEuro found they
received more coverage at a much lower cost than they did with traditional
PR methods. Coverage of PlanetEuro, for example, appeared in over 50 media
outlets, including a CEO interview on Mary Ann Elliott, CEO,
Arrowhead Space & Telecommunications, found herself, in one 30-day period,
being featured by Government Executive, Silver Kris (Singapore), and People

“Because the model was developed to save companies money and increase their
media exposure, we learned during the testing that some ‘security limits’
were required. For example, what happened when PlanetEuro’s release was
picked up by 50 media outlets? Do we bill them for $25,000? If we charged
that, where were the savings? Granted it might be justified, given the
coverage, but we adjusted the model and set limits so that managers could
feel secure in that they were not giving us a blank-check per se. After all,
our goal is to establish long-term customers, not one-time shots.”

Sedge can be reached at [email protected] The company website is

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