DrGlobe.com Introduces Secure Messaging for Doctors

[London, ENGLAND] DrGlobe.com, the Swiss-based provider
of online “Health Account” services for doctors, announced
Tuesday a secure messaging service for doctor-patient

The new service will allow doctors and patients to
correspond via a secure, confidential and central messaging
system. Because it also has tracking facilities, DrGlobe.com
says it is also “a new source for doctors to consult their
patients online.”

Ali Kursun, co-founder of DrGlobe.com, said that doctors
are looking for time-saving, cost effective and secure online
tools to improve communication with their patients and yet
ensure revenues from the process. The DrGlobe.com messaging
service, he said, provides exactly that.

“Our new online consulting tool makes doctor-patient communication
efficient and more productive. Doctors can quickly reduce the
time they spend on non-urgent inquiries and also generate
revenues by using our online messaging service,” said Kursun.

DrGlobe.com’s messaging service keeps track of the online
correspondence and enables doctors to set their own pricing
scheme for each message. As a result, doctors derive revenue
from the service — and will have a greater incentive to
use it.

With the huge numbers of people who travel away from home
yet prefer to consult their own doctor at all times, the
service will be invaluable. It offers features such as
“waiting for reply listing” and “notification alerts”
— and has been implemented as additional to DrGlobe.com’s
trademarked Health Account service.

Health Account is the fundamental idea on which DrGlobe.com
has been built. It is the place where individuals keep their
personal health information — hence no more “lost patient
records” or difficulties in retrieving the information
when the patient is overseas.

As well as the Health Account and its new messaging service,
DrGlobe.com says it is developing a full range of online
services for doctors and their patients in Europe.

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