E-Stamp Offers Browser-Based Postage

Online postage firm E-Stamp
today announced browser-based access to E-Stamp Internet Postage,
its online postage service.

Pending US Postal Service approval, E-Stamp’s HTML-based browser service is
designed to offer users free, immediate access to postage without the need
to download application software or attach any hardware to the computer,
the company stated. Its previous Internet services required additional

E-Stamp said that 500 companies are participating in the beta program, and
national rollout of this service is expected to begin by the end of this year.

The announcement quickly follows last week’s unveiling of a browser-based
postage service by rival company StampMaster, Inc.

The browser option is targeted at customers who have low mail volume and a
persistent Internet connection, the firm said. The service will be
available from E-Stamp’s secure electronic commerce
server, accessible via its Web site.

“We are only at the early stages of the evolution of this market,” said
Sunir Kapoor, president and CEO of E-Stamp Corp. “From the beginning, our
mission has been to make online postage available everywhere–from kiosks
in public spaces, to postage servers in enterprise software applications to
volume mail production processes–all around the world. Now, customers have
a new way to access the E-Stamp Internet Postage service, bringing E-Stamp
one step closer to its goal of creating an Internet postage utility.”

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