EDS Delivers Interactive Billing Solution to Bank One

Plano, TX-based EDS said it is delivering its Interactive
Billing Services to Chicago-based Bank One this month.

Bank One has integrated the EDS solution into its treasury management product
set–offering interactive billing to its commercial customers, which
enables them to send bills over the Internet to business and consumer

Bank One said it now can immediately bring Electronic Bill Presentment and
(EBPP) services to all billers, including those in high-volume industries
such as
utilities, insurance and telecommunications.

Bank One’s EBPP solution augments the legacy billing process of corporate
billers. The turnkey service allows bills to be published and delivered in
many formats including traditional paper statements, electronically via HTML,
through bill aggregators (including Bank One Online), facsimile, e-mail and
through a hosted customer-branded Web site. This EBPP service supports
multiple payment tools, including ACH, credit card, touch tone phone, retail
lockbox and wholesale lockbox.

“What Bank One is announcing is electronic business at its finest–real
solutions, delivered by real people using real technology today,” said Gary
Moore, president of E-Business Solutions at EDS.

Bank One is the nation’s fifth largest bank holding company, with assets of
more than $250 billion.

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