Exodus, Alteon Partner to Provide Peak Performance

Web hosting giant Exodus Communications
Wednesday teamed up with Alteon WebSystems Inc. in a
worldwide agreement to deliver enhanced hosting services.

Exodus plans to put Alteon’s Web
switches to use on its network in a move to maximize the performance of its
Web servers and firewalls.

Under the agreement, Exodus will resell Alteon’s content-intelligent
Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Web switches worldwide.

Ellen Hancock, Exodus chairperson and chief executive officer, said it made
the move to prepare for content-rich Web hosting demands from the market.

“We are constantly working to deliver high-performance hosting services to
our customers,” Hancock said. “Alteon’s products and technology play a key
and enabling role in helping us maximize the delivery of the next wave of
content-rich Web-based services.”

The Alteon solutions will be available as part of Exodus’ managed service
offerings. Exodus will use Alteon Web switches to deliver high-performance
end-to-end managed services.

Customers that purchase an Alteon-based solution, like high performance
load balancing, will receive Web managed service as delivered by Exodus. As
a result of the deal, both Exodus and Alteon will provide direct
installation, remote management, onsite sparing and around-the-clock
technical support to Exodus’ Web hosting clients.

Dominic Orr, Alteon president and chief executive officer said the deal is
an extension of its working relationship with Exodus.

“Our agreement with Exodus signals a major shift in the industry toward a
new breed of intelligent hosting services and formalizes an already
successful working relationship that has resulted in a significant number
of satisfied customers,” Orr said.

“This relationship is an endorsement of our ability to supply highly
intelligent platforms that enable value-added services to be quickly and
easily deployed,” Orr added.

According to the companies, the agreement was etched in response to
customer demand for faster and more content-intelligent services to support
the growth of e-commerce services.

Computer.com is an Internet start-up
firm that provides “newbies” information and resources about breaking into
the online Net community. Exodus hosts the firm’s Web site, and it was one
of the companies that needed enhanced services to speed up delivery of its
popular Web content, due to its relevant domain name.

Jordin Olin, Computer.com chief technology officer said the Alteon, Exodus
alliance made its Web life a lot easier because it guarantees its Web
destination would be available to users.

“The combined power of Alteon and Exodus in one managed solution simply
makes our life easier by ensuring that Computer.com and the services we
deliver are always up and always on,” Olin said.

“We selected Exodus and Alteon because they could collectively deliver the
performance, reliability and massive scalability we needed to serve
millions of users each day,” Olin added.

Alteon developed the concept of Web switching and as a result, is a leading
provider of next-generation Internet infrastructure solutions for
e-commerce firms.

The company’s Web data center products include Web switches, server
adapters and traffic management software, which are optimized to meet the
challenges of high-demand Web traffic. It facilitates the delivery of Web
content for popular portals like Yahoo!,
Buy.com, iWon.com, among others.

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