FT To Test News Management System

Financial Times (FT)
will soon begin testing a revolutionary content and information
management solution for news at its London headquarters. In July, Atex Media Solutions
will install an Omnex system for full evaluation.

“Omnex offers the Financial Times an enormous amount of flexibility
in managing their organisation,” said Jeff Litvak, senior product
manager, editorial systems, Atex Media Solutions. “With Omnex, they
can remove the walls that separate their newsrooms, allowing workflow
to take the course toward the greatest productivity and profitability.”

Omnex enables publishers to collect, process, manage, and distribute
a single item of news content to all of their products simultaneously
— whatever the medium. It is designed to eliminate the redundancy
that normally occurs when teams of people are preparing news for
multiple products and media.

The FT, with more than a million readers in over 200 countries worldwide,
plans to create its own Java-based applications that will allow its
staff to access electronic sources from outside the newsroom.

Journalists will be able to access multiple financial
and in-house databases from a single interface, making it easier to prepare stories and
manage large amounts of information.

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