ISDEX Follows Market Selloff


Steve Harmon

Senior Investment Analyst

The Dow, Nasdaq, S&P and ISDEX all dropped in tandem
today with a broad-market selloff as the world’s financial markets debate
the economic instability in Russia, whose currency may be undergoing

Wall Street believes that the financial ‘earthquake’ that has hit Asia,
Latin America and now Russia slows corporate growth and may especially
squeeze corporate earnings at multinationals.

ISDEX was down 6% to 110.61 at midday Eastern time in a broad selloff that
echoed the Nasdaq’s 4% drop, Dow’s 3% loss and S&P 500’s 3% decline.

The biggest decliners in ISDEX were the smaller, more speculative issues:
Wavephore (NASDAQ:WAVO), down 16% to $6.44 per share; 24/7 Media
(NASDAQ:TFSM) off 14% to $9.50 per share; and CMG Info (NASDAQ:CMGI), which
owns stakes in several startups, lost 13% to $60.375 per share.

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