Loudcloud Trumpets Statistics Portal

Loudcloud Inc. broke its silence
Wednesday with the launch of a portal that provides customers with
statistics and reporting tools for business management.

The Net infrastructure service provider, founded by former Netscape chief Marc Andreessen
last October, rolled out myLoudcloud to give clients more control and
visibility in their business.

myLoudcloud may be personalized, enabling customers to monitor specific user
experiences on their Web site, such as user registration, as well as tie
into future Smart Cloud services.

“Internet infrastructure companies supply critical technologies that
solidify e-business performance. Senior e-business leadership teams must
recognize that access to e-business performance intelligence will help them
align business processes with the underlying Internet technologies,” said
Stephen Elliot, a Gartner Group analyst. “This intelligence can and should
be used to create a competitive advantage.”

Andreessen co-founded Loudcloud with former AOL (AOL)
colleagues Tim Howes and In Sik Rhee, who helmed e-commerce projects at the
ISP. Former Netscape Vice President Ben Horowitz is chief executive officer
while Andreessen has taken the role of chairman.

Loudcloud was formed to unburden e-commerce firms of running Net
infrastructures so they can go handle their core strengths in the B2B and
B2C sectors.

Loudcloud receives payment in the form of a monthly recurring charge, which
is based on a client’s site traffic. The firm signed on a batch of clients
last February, with more to follow. Loudcloud’s beta customers are
HomeGain.com, Wish.com, Acteva, DreamLot, SkillsVillage, CFOWeb and

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