Macromedia, Intuwave Partner to Expand Flash’s Reach

Macromedia Inc.
this week launched a partnership with Intuwave to enable the development of
advanced wireless content and services based on Macromedia’s Flash technology.

Intuwave, which develops wireless data services and applications, will
begin porting the Macromedia Flash Player to the Symbian platform, with the
intention of bringing rich, interactive, high-impact content to its wireless
devices, a statement issued by Macromedia said.

Symbian is an industry consortium founded by Ericsson, Matsushita,
Motorola, Nokia, and Psion. Its goal is to promote standards for the
interoperability of wireless information devices with wireless networks,
content services, messaging, and enterprisewide solutions.

Macromedia (MACR)Flash technology has become the standard for high-impact, vector-based Web content that delivers motion, sound, interactivity, and
graphics. Already-developed Macromedia Flash content will be viewable on
wireless devices that include the Macromedia Flash Player ported by
Intuwave. Flash content is ideal for mobile devices because of its compact,
bandwidth friendly file size and capability to scale to any aspect

Intuwave develops data services and applications for current and
next-generation wireless devices. Through the development of strategic
partnerships with cellular carriers, wireless device manufacturers,
technology providers, and providers of existing Internet-hosted services,
the company seeks to bring together the world of the Internet and the world
of wireless telephony to deliver innovative mobile services.

It also aims to help technology and service companies realize the opportunities available in
the wireless marketplace.

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