Microsoft Sued Over Plug-In Infringement

Microsoft Corp.’s legal team is keeping busy, as a new lawsuit against the computer giant was filed Tuesday over alleged patent infringement involving plug-in and applet technology.

Eolas Technologies Inc., a Chicago-based Internet technology firm, filed suit for infringement of its patent on browser technology, charging that Microsoft’s Windows 98, Windows 95 and Internet Explorer programs infringe on Eolas’ worldwide exclusive commercial rights to interactive programs.

Eolas’ patent was granted on November 17, 1998, for the creation of a browser system that allowed for the embedding of small interactive programs, such as plug-ins, applets, scriptlets or ActiveX Controls, into online documents.

The suit asks the court for both unspecified damages for the infringing activity and for an injunction to
force Microsoft to cease all future manufacturing, use and sale of infringing products.

Neither Microsoft nor Eolas offered any comment on the suit.

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