MyWeb In Another China Pact

MyWeb, which has said it wants to be the AOL of China, has reached yet another agreement in that country that opens the way for its set-top boxes and Web portal.

The company announced that it will work with a consortium of 500 primary and secondary schools in China to deliver its set-top boxes and portal-based information. The SiFangZhiTong Science & Technology Development Ltd. consortium has a combined population of about 1 million students.

Under the agreement, the consortium will provide educational content for the MyWeb portal, which the company claims is already averaging 120,000 page views a day.

In addition, the consortium will promote MyWeb’s set-top boxes as a means of accessing the content and schools with multimedia-ready classrooms will be equipped with MyWeb set-top boxes.

Based in San Francisco, MyWeb has in place agreements with a variety of Chinese organizations such as Beijing Post and Telegraph for delivery and distribution of its set-top boxes.

China’s current Internet user base is estimated to be only about 2.2 million, but is projected to grow quickly. An executive at the company recently said it hopes to become the AOL of China.

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