NetGear Debuts Four-PC Modem

Network firm NetGear today announced the RM356, a 56K router with an integrated four-port hub and modem designed for the home or small office.

The multiple-user modem is designed to allow shared access to the Internet
at a
speed of 56Kbps, and built-in networking for sharing files and peripherals
up to four PCs from one phone line.

According to the company, once the RM356 is configured it automatically
Internet connection information to each PC. After the user opens the Web
browser, the modem
automatically connects all networked PCs to the Internet.

“ISDN service isn’t available in all areas, but regular telephone lines
are,” said Patrick Lo, vice president and general
manager of NETGEAR. “The NETGEAR RM356 provides the benefits of shared
Internet access and networking to the
SOHO user–in one box.”

According to a recent survey by IDC/LINK, a market
research firm, 12.5 million homes in the United States have more than one
PC. Roughly two-thirds of these homes–8.3 million–regularly access the
Internet. The survey found that these households are often engaged in home
office activity as well.

“Home offices need inexpensive Internet access, and users don’t really
want to purchase a separate modem and ISP
account for each PC,” said Raymond Boggs, IDC/LINK’s director of home
office research.

The RM356 is available now, and sells for $399. NetGear, founded in 1996,
is a division of Bay Networks Inc.

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