Netscape Taps InfoSpace for White/Yellow Pages

Netscape Communications Corp. and InfoSpace Inc. today announced an agreement under which InfoSpace will provide Yellow and White Page services for Netscape’s Netcenter portal site.

The deal is the latest in a line of content partnerships that Netscape has secured in recent months in an effort to make Netcenter a more complete portal offering. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Slated to appear today, the co-branded services will be accessible via the
the new Netcenter start page launched earlier this week, and also from the toolbar and pre-loaded bookmarks appearing on Netscape Communicator and Navigator. Links will also be provided in various Netcenter channels and the Net Search page.

InfoSpace White Pages display addresses, phone numbers, e-mail
addresses and neighborhood maps, and allow users to perform reverse searches and locate driving directions. In addition, users will also be able to search Yellow pages based on their White Pages search findings, using cross-referencing and automatic radius searching methods.

InfoSpace Yellow Pages allow users to perform category and U.S. business queries, and locate business information, auto classifieds, personals, employment information, International directories, news and more. Netscape and InfoSpace said they plan to upgrade this area by incorporating its features with other Netcenter channels and services.

InfoSpace’s services are licensed by several Internet entities including ABC News Internet Ventures, CBS Corp., Lycos, The Microsoft Network, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition,
and Compuserve. The company also has strategic partnerships with
Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and others.

“With InfoSpace’s syndicated model, businesses that advertise
with Netscape Netcenter will now find an unparalleled means of
distribution,” said Naveen Jain, president of InfoSpace. “InfoSpace
believes that we offer yellow page advertisers an unparalleled means of
targeting their audiences. Businesses can differentiate themselves on the
Internet by making a listing bold or larger; adding a coupon, business logo or
a link to their home page; having a display advertisement, or sponsoring a

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