PacNet’s Mediaworks Prepares For Online Shopping Portal

Since the launch of the E-Hub service in January this year, Mediaworks,
a division of Pacific Internet (PI) Limited of Singapore, has gained over 30
local customers and is preparing for the launch of its PI Mall in four weeks.

Of these 30 over customer companies, some bought startup packages from E-Hub, ranging from S$1,000 to $2,000, which involve setting up Web store fronts on PI Mall.

PI Mall is Pacific Internet’s online shopping portal. It is part of PI’s E-Hub infrastructure which provides e-commerce transactions capabilities from IBM’s range of hardware- and software-based e-business solutions.
E-Hub also offers multimedia streaming capabilities to allow online merchants to deliver video over narrow-band.

Twenty companies are already on board PI Mall; an additional 10 have high potential, said Jasvinder Kaur, e-commerce development executive of Mediaworks.

Books, flowers, health, fashion, entertainment, leisure, and children related stores can be expected from PI Mall. There will also be an online store selling robotic parts such as wheels parts, said Mark Hobson, general manager of Mediaworks.

Some customers on the other hand have bought customized solutions such as a product information management system to be deployed over the company’s extranet. Hobson declined to mention the company’s name.

He said the cost of customized solutions varies from S$30,000 to more than $100,000 depending on the scale and the nature of the customers’ requirements.

Hobson said Mediaworks is also currently developing online auction sites for a few companies.

He said a local non-profit organization has already signed up with E-Hub to host and manage an auction for charity to be launched in the third quarter of this year. Four airlines have also signed up with E-Hub for online ticket auctioning also to be made available in third quarter.

Mediaworks will model after the online ticket auctioning system that Lufthansa used when the airline company held its online auction early this year.

When the Lufthansa auction was held here, Mediaworks provided the airline company technical support on its Singapore Web site, said Hobson.

Until today, Mediaworks’ business developments are only centered around Singapore. In the later part of the year, similar initiatives will be developed in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaysia, said Sandeep Bagaria, business development manager of Mediaworks.

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