Quixell Opens Travel Auction Channel

Europe’s largest online auction house, Quixell, of London,
has launched an interactive travel channel that allows buyers and sellers
to trade travel products over the Internet.

Visitors may bid for holidays
in Italian villas, Florida beachside cottages, and French chateaux–with
prices starting as low as one pound.

“The listings on the site are rich in detail and images, giving travellers a full impression of
the property being offered,” said Marc Charron, Quixell’s travel product director. “This compares very favourably with the limited information published in the classified sections of newspapers,
which many holiday seekers currently use to find travel products such as
villas, chalets or cottages.”

“Our online auction format is an ideal sales channel for travel vendors of all sorts, whether an owner of a holiday home or a large tour operator, to access a unique customer base and
sell inventory that might otherwise go unsold,” he added.

Launched in late 1997, Quixell claims a growth rate of around 30 per
cent per month, with annual sales now running at (UK)3 million after nine months
of trading. The travel channel will add significantly to the current
portfolio, which consists of computer, consumer electronic and jewellery

As well as offering value deals to travellers, the new service provides a
point-of-sale for property owners who want to reach a wider market. It
gives owners complete control over the creation of their listings.
Information includes availability, property amenities, local information,
sleeping capacity–plus photographs.

To take part in Quixell’s auctions the user opens an account on a secure
server, which takes just 90 seconds, and enters a password to place
bids. When another user offers a higher bid, an e-mail alert is sent to
warn the first bidder–giving him or her a chance to raise the offer.

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