ShopperBox Launches Beta Test of E-Commerce Delivery Solution has just learned that Tacoma-based ShopperBox Networks has launched a beta test of its “ShopperBox” e-commerce delivery solution in a residential building in Tacoma.

The company’s proprietary service will allow residents to order products and services online and then have them delivered and picked up any time day or night.

According to Director of Marketing Rob Greenlee, users will be notified via email that they have received a package. After entering their access info into the web kiosk in the ShopperBox station area, the appropriate ShopperBox compartment will open up.

Forrester Research reports that the number of missed e-commerce deliveries to multi-family residential communities will double from 80 million this past year to 160 million over the next two years.

“The ShopperBox delivery station completely solves this missed delivery problem and will revolutionize the current package carrier delivery infrastructure system,” says ShopperBox Networks CEO Eli Moreno.

According to Moreno, the ShopperBox will also increase online purchases, because consumers will actually be able to receive deliveries when they are away from home or the office.

The company is also catching the attention of companies like UPS and other home delivery companies who will be able to both reduce costs and improve customer service.

The company plans to implement a worldwide ShopperBox network, and already has plans to expand its service throughout the Tacoma/Seattle area and select US cities.

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