Study: Explorer Winning Browser Battle

According to a study from
management consulting firm Positive
Support Review, Inc.
(PSR), Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is edging out
Netscape in the browser race, climbing to 63.3% usage of all Internet

Positive Support Review’s study was conducted over a 16-week period
from September 9, 1997 through January 3, 1998, and reportedly included
over 550,000 Internet session data points. Users can purchase the full
study electronically for $299.

The research claims that versions 2, 3, and 4 of Microsoft’s browsers were
used in 63.3% of all Internet sessions in contrast to Netscape’s, which were
used in 35.6% of sessions during the week ending January 3, 1998.

Positive Support Review says its data reveal that Microsoft’s usage market
share increased from 42.1% to 63.3% in the period from September 9 through
January 3.

“Based on analysis of the data, it is clear that Microsoft’s IE 4.0 product
is taking market share away from Netscape,” said M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO
of Positive Support Review. “On the bright side for Netscape, the 4.0
product is holding its own and maintaining a strong market position.”

In addition to management consulting services, Positive Support Review
provides Internet Services to businesses, and operates the SupportHelp site, which helps users
locate contact information for hardware and software manufacturers.

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