Sun Opens Java Center in Eastern Europe

Sun Microsystems Inc. has teamed up with Prague-based NetBeans Inc. to create the first authorized Java Center in Eastern Europe. It is part of the chain of Java Centers built by Sun
Microsystems all around the world.

Java Centers are facilities devoted to propagate the Java language and environment. They provide Internet users with consultations, tutorials and pilot projects, all designed to popularize Java to both specialists and the wider public.

Sun decided to collaborate with NetBeans, Inc. because of its experience with Java development and implementation. The company produces NetBeans
Developer, a programming tool for software developers featuring Java integrated development environments entirely based on Java foundation classes.

“One of the basic needs of the Czech economy is active integration into the world of high technology,” said NetBeans’ CEO Roman Stanek. “Distributed environment of Internet and Java enables Czech companies to
have some influence on this field. The mission of our authorized Java Center is to aid in this process.”

Java is becoming increasingly popular among the Czech software developers, although the majority of local software development companies still rely on Windows technology.

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