SurfWatch Invites Co’s To Test Their Internet Traffic, Free

subsidiary SurfWatch Software has invited companies to use a free program
named CHECKNET to test
their Internet traffic against SurfWatch’s Internet filters.

The initiative will help business managers determine to what extent their
staff engages in non-work-related Internet surfing.

“Any business that provides free-range Internet access in the workplace
without assessing the benefits and costs is simply surfing with blinders
on. CHECKNET will help businesses quickly and confidentially determine
whether Internet access in their office is lowering worker productivity or
netting gains for the company,” said Theresa Marcroft, director of
marketing for SurfWatch Software.

In order to participate, a company needs to visit the URL below, and
complete a few simple steps. These include uploading at least one week’s
log files, logging-in, entering a password, and then sending the name of
the uploaded file to [email protected]

Within two days of receiving the log file, SurfWatch’s CHECKNET returns a
detailed analysis of Internet usage, categorized under the following headings:
astrology, chat, games, glamour/intimate apparel, investments, entertainment,
sports, real estate, hobbies, job search, motor vehicles, travel, shopping,
general news, personals/dating, usenet news, drugs/alcohol, gambling, sexually
explicit, violence and hate speech.

It is expected that many business managers will find a need for SurfWatch
filtering software, having used the CHECKNET service. SurfWatch filters the
World-Wide Web, Internet newsgroups, FTP, Gopher, IRC, and Web-based chat
connections, blocking unwanted content at the computer or local network
where it is installed.

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