Tripod Tries ThingSearch

Parable, an
Internet multimedia company, today announced an agreement with Tripod in which the community portal will
feature a co-branded ThingSearch on its site.

The ThingSearch service hosts Parable’s searchable database of rich
interactive multimedia “Things,” at other Web sites, communities and
portals. With ThingSearch, Tripod page builders will be able to search
for, use and pass along branded and general multimedia Things for their
personal Web pages.

Under terms of the agreement, Tripod and Parable will share ad revenue from banner ads targeted to individual content areas of the ThingSearch database. In addition, Tripod will sell Parable’s authoring tool, ThingMaker, to its personal publishing community. Financial details of the agreement were disclosed.

As part of the alliance, Parable will co-brand, customize and maintain ThingWorld, the backend of Tripod’s ThingSearch database. The database contains interactive Digital Collectibles, experiences, games, characters and animations from Parable’s growing list of entertainment, sports and major brand content partners. They can be taken from the database and republished on personal homepages or collected and used directly on users’ desktops with Parable’s ThingCollector and ThingScreenSaver products, the company stated.

“Our members are always seeking new content for their personal Web pages. By providing so much multimedia content via ThingSearch, we offer new members and existing members a richer page-building experience. The more engaging their experiences, the more fun they can have, and the more time they will spend at Tripod,” said Scott Walker, vice president of marketing at Tripod.

“As an added bonus, as Parable provides backend support and functionality, ThingSearch requires virtually no development resources on our part.”

Parable recently announced a similar relationship with Lycos, Tripod’s parent company. The Lycos branded ThingSearch is accessible through keyword searches and publishing content areas available at the portal site.

ThingCollector and ThingScreenSaver can be
downloaded at ThingWorld’s Web

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