WaveTop, Warner Bros. in Content Pact

Content delivery provider WaveTop
and Warner Bros. Online formed an alliance to broadcast Warner Bros. online Web content to home PC users through WaveTop’s service.

The companies said Warner Bros. Online content will be delivered over
WaveTop’s national broadcast wireless service via TV tuner-enabled PCs. The
technology uses embedded data which streams into unseen portions of broadcast TV signals using the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI).

A Time Warner Entertainment Company, Warner Bros. Online delivers programming to children and will feature various multimedia fare such as movie trailers, cartoons, and games. It will be broadcasted through WaveTop’s interactive educational channels, the KidsTop and FunTop.

“Warner Bros. Online is widely recognized for providing users of all ages
with some of the most exciting and entertaining content being generated on the Internet,” said Jim Moloshok, Senior VP of Warner Bros. Online. “WaveTop
broadens our reach and ensures that our content is easily accessible to home
PC users without the hassle of using a dial-up modem.”

WaveTop is a business unit of Phoenix, AZ-based WavePhore Inc..
The company has partnership agreements with Internet heavy-hitters such as
Time Inc. New Media, ZDNet, USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, CBS SportsLine, N2K’s Music Boulevard, and Barnes and Noble.com.

Microsoft will also include WaveTop data broadcast software in its Windows 98 release. The service made its full debut on April

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