Web-Based Enterpreneurs Club Debuts In Hong Kong

A Web-based non-profit society called the Entrepreneurs Club (eKlub) Tuesday debuted in Hong Kong.

The avowed mission of the eKlub is to use the Web to promote “the spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.”

It intends to be a resource for new businesses providing online education and consultation in areas such as startup documentation, capital raising, and legal procedures as well as engaging in philanthropic activities.

The eKlub will initially represent 13 different sectors and interests in the Hong Kong business community including finance, accounting, management, marketing, restaurant & entertainment, professional services, publishing, architecture & design, education, health, technology, Internet, and environmental & social responsibility.

However, the society plans to expand to other sectors and to encourage branches in other markets.

The key to the eKlub’s development is the Web site which will be designed and developed with resources donated by the Internet business community.

“The way we are setting up the eKlub will benefit our members in different
ways,” said Elaine Healy, eKlub co-chair and the head of Silkpages.com.

“By having an active chat line for each sector, members can get real
information for their businesses free of charge,” continued Healy. “We will also in the future be organizing ‘think tanks’ where groups of like people can get together and develop ideas and plans for their businesses.”

“The Web site is the paramount tool for joining the community, when the site is fully operational it will have monstrous pulling power and will take a life of its own,” said Nick Anthony, eKlub founding member and managing partner of Indigo Capital.

The society is vendor neutral but has backing from important political and business leaders in Hong Kong.

“I personally believe that the eKlub will benefit everyone who has ever
thought of being an entrepreneur and who hasn’t yet taken the step to
those already in business who are looking to improve their businesses or
just find general business information,” said Healy.

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