White Pine Takes Ownership of CU-SeeMe

Multimedia firm White
Pine Software Inc.
Wednesday signed an agreement to acquire complete
ownership of the trademark, source code and all intellectual property
rights to the CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint technologies.

Cornell University created the video conferencing technologies in 1993 and
White Pine has been exclusively licensed to commercially develop them.
Financial specifics were not disclosed.

“We’re committed to growing and nurturing the CU-SeeMe community, and
owning our own key technology is a major strategic focus for us as we
continue to develop cutting edge conferencing
solutions for the business, education and consumer markets,” said Killko
Caballero, president of White Pine Software.

“As Internet communication has grown, CU-SeeMe has been the icon for
Internet video chat and has developed a very strong and loyal user
community,” said Richard Cahoon, vice president of Cornell
Research Foundation and associate director of the Office of Patents and
Technology Marketing for Cornell University.

“We’re pleased to be turning CU-SeeMe over to White Pine Software so that
they can continue to support the user community as well as continuing to
develop quality, easy-to-use videoconferencing products for a broad
spectrum of users.”

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