24/7 Media Co-Founder Resigns

Mark Burchill, a co-founder of Internet advertising firm 24/7 Media, Wednesday confirned reports that he plans to leave his post as senior vice president of worldwide business development at the end of this week to start or join a new Internet company.

“I’ve been here for five years, and that is a long time for anyone to be at any one Internet company,” Burchill told InternetNews.com. “I feel that, to a certain degree, my job is done.”

Like many top executives in maturing Internet firms, Burchill says he misses the scrappy atmosphere of a start-up. Hes also looking to be top dog in the new venture, an opportunity he didn’t have at 24/7 (TFSM).

The departure comes at a time when 24/7 Media is struggling to find its place in a fast-growing industry rife with consolidation, and when rumors are swirling about the company being acquired by DoubleClick Inc. (DCLK). Alternatively, some have speculated that CMGI Inc. (CMGI), which has snapped up a number of Internet ad players, would buy 24/7.

Burchill says his departure was unrelated to the speculation.

Burchill has been managing 24/7 Media’s business development team, which works to add new sites to the company’s network. In the past year, Burchill has headed up the company’s global expansion efforts, coordinating the integration of 24/7’s international interests in Asia and Canada.

His resume includes stints at Young and Rubicam, as a consultant to the Los Angeles Rams, and in the marketing department of MTV. He came to his most recent position by way of Petry Interactive, which he co-founded with 24/7 CEO David Moore. The company merged with the former Katz Millennium Marketing and Interactive Imaginations to form 24/7 Media in 1997.

24/7 Media hasn’t made any official announcements about Burchill’s departure or about who might succeed him.

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