Ad Issues to Dominate Internet/TV Conference

Marketing issues with a specific focus on the needs and interests of
advertisers will be among the topics at an upcoming conference on the merging
worlds of TV and the Internet.

Hal Krisbergh, CEO of WorldGate, and Bob Bejan, executive producer/worldwide
at Microsoft, will be among the speakers at the eTV World Conference and Expo at
the New York Marriott Marquis March 26 and 27.

Highlights of the event will include a rundown of the leading “products at the
starting gate”–Wink, Netchannel, Diba/Sun, PlanetWeb, ICTV, NCI SimplyTV,
The Fantastic Corp.

“We are giving away WebTVs and Netchannel boxes,” said eTV World Executive
Director Alan Brody, a former Adweek/Marketing Computers and Advertising
Age/Creativity columnist, “because people think NetTV is just ‘Internet lite.’
It’s not. By merging TV programming and Web content, it is a distinct new
media hybrid. We believe developers and advertisers need to get
immersed. Their longevity in this business depends on it.”

eTV World is sponsored by Sony, Your Choice TV, Internet TV Interactive
Marketing & PR News, Video Technology News, and the Silicon Alley Reporter.

“eTV World is focused on advertising,” said Brody, “because NetTV will forever
change the dynamics of the new media on account of the vast numbers of
targeted viewers it will deliver.”

In addition to a free WebTV Plus or Netchannel box, paid attendees may win
a week’s worth of addressable advertising on Your Choice TV. Registration
information ($525 for the two days) is available on the Web.

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