AdClub Network Increases Payment to 20 Cents Per Click

AdClub Network said it increased the payment
it offers to Web publishers to 20 cents per click, and said the move makes it
the highest paying cost-per-click network on the Internet.

AdClub, which says it has 6,000 member sites, provides banner advertising to
Web sites of all sizes, and buys up to 100 percent of a site’s available advertising
inventory. Advertisers include, Microsoft and RealNetworks.
Under the new payment policy, AdClub will pay member sites that deliver over
5,000 unique clicks per month 20 cents per click. AdClub will continue to pay
Web sites that
generate between 1,000 and 5,000 clicks per month 15 cents per click.

“The new payment plan is a nod to the laws of supply and demand,” said Rob
Wolf, business development manager for the AdClub Network. “We’ve been sold
out of our ad space for eight months straight. By raising our payment, AdClub
will continue to build a network of high quality sites that attracts top-tier

Interestingly, AdClub’s site has this to say about confidentiality: “Many of
our member sites have rate card prices for the advertisers with whom they
work directly. In order to maintain those rates, AdClub is committed to
maintaining the anonymity
of our member sites. Because AdClub sells advertising space to advertisers on
run-of-network basis, we never disclose our list of member sites to
advertisers.” No porn or warez sites are included in the network, the company

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