Banner Ad Frequency = Branding

There’s a direct correlation between the branding value of online
advertising and the frequency of exposure to the banner ad, according to
research conducted by Dynamic

One exposure, according to the study, raised awareness 5.6 percent, while
four or more exposures raised it 10.6 percent. Dynamic Logic gathered this
data through its online ad research tool, and was based on more than 24,000
respondents. Types of banners tested included airlines, packaged goods,
travel services, and retail.

The finding is especially interesting because of an idea common among
marketers that showing the same ad to a person over and over again yields
diminishing returns. Although this might be the case with regard to
click-through rate, it’s apparently not the case with brand awareness.

Dynamic Logic suggests that advertisers loosen frequency caps to at least
four, and develop creative that takes advantage of sequential ad serving and
message building.

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