Catalog Link Heads Top 10 Banner List

NetRatings said that its BannerTrack Service showed Catalog Link was at the top of the list of top 10 ad banners viewed for the week of Nov. 8-14.

The top 10:

  1. Catalog Link: It’s a whole new fashion season, don’t fall behind.
  2. Get Rich Click: Click to win!
  3. Catalog Link: Free catalogs
  4. Yoyodyne Entertainment: Shop and you could win a $100,000 online shopping spree.
  5. Get Rich Click: Click 2 win
  6. Yoyodyne Entertainment: You could win great prizes
  7. Yoyodyne Entertainment: Do you want to win a $100,000 online shopping spree?
  8. Yoyodyne Entertainment: And you could win a $100,000 online shopping spree! Even if you are a man.
  9. Yoyodyne Entertainment: Shopping anxiety got you down? EZSpree can help, even if you are a man. And you could win a $100,000 shopping spree.
  10. Catalog Link: Hundreds of FREE catalogs for stay at home shoppers.

The banners can be viewed here.

House ad banners that run predominantly on the advertiser’s home site (90 percent of impressions or more) are not included in the banner rankings.

Rankings are based on measurement of activity by a representative panel of
more than 4,000 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from

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