Comedy Central Launches Campaign on

Comedy Central’s South Park is returning as an advertiser on Seattle-based
Milestone Media’s

Everything Christmas is a one-stop source for Christmas links, news and e-
commerce, with hundreds of sites categorized and described.

The site features Christmas ornaments and holiday merchandise showcasing
characters from the hit animated TV show South Park.

Seattle-based Milestone Media recently ran a successful South Park campaign on where traffic was driven to the online store at, aiding in the of South Park Halloween masks online.

“Sponsoring the launches of these unique aggregate Christmas and Halloween Web
sites has worked well for generating traffic, exposure and ultimately sales,”
said Larry Lieberman, Comedy Central vice president. “We look
forward to the growth of these sites in the holiday seasons ahead, as well as
the introduction of future `Everything’ sites.”

Comedy Central doubled its commitment for banner and button advertising
rotation throughout the site as compared to its
campaign on Spending was not disclosed.

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