Eisnor Launches Airport Campaign for MapQuest

Eisnor Interactive Inc., an off-line
guerrilla marketing and promotion agency for online brands, launched a
campaign for MapQuest.com that will target business and
leisure travelers at airport baggage claim carousels.

The first ads began appearing this month at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
Billings were not disclosed.

With airport safety rules becoming more restrictive regarding baggage
carry-ons, passengers are compelled to wait in the baggage claim areas of
airports across the country an average of 19 minutes, Eisnor said. The
campaign allows MapQuest.com to reach
this captive audience through a new advertising medium, carousel advertising,
being offered by Eisnor Interactive and a company called CarroSELL.

“As an online company, we realize the importance of finding new ways to
advertise and brand ourselves in the real world. Eisnor Interactive has
allowed us to reach some of our key targets, the business and leisure
traveler, as well as to become an innovator in advertising practices,” said
David Ingerman, vice president of marketing for MapQuest.com.

Eisnor Interactive and CarroSELL have joined forces to promote the benefits
of using carousel advertising or “revolving media” for online companies.

“CarroSELL is one of the most innovative advertising tools to come along in a
long time as it reaches potential customers directly and for much longer than
any other advertising outlet,” said Di-Ann Eisnor, CEO of Eisnor Interactive.

CarroSELL ads appear on the revolving conveyor belt of the baggage claim
carousel. Eisnor Interactive has used it for campaigns for other clients,
including TheStreet.com and Polaroid.com.

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