I/PRO Signs 36 New Customers In Fourth Quarter

Internet Profiles Corp. (I/PRO) said it
signed 36 new customers in the fourth quarter, including NBC, Warner
Brothers, United Media, Quote.com and Dell Computer.

I/PRO provides Web measurement and auditing services.

“1997 was a very significant year for I/PRO, especially in terms of the
growth of our customer base,” said Bradley Rode, I/PRO’s President and CEO.”
I/PRO has helped turn hundreds of Web sites’ data into information they use
to improve their business and, from the growth we’ve seen this past year,
this is a service more and more sites are coming to value.”

Other new I/PRO customers during the fourth quarter include: Allstate
Insurance Co., Clorox, Collaborative Media LLC (E-Town), Continental
Airlines, Corestates Financial Group, Cox Interactive Media’s Great
Outdoors, Go2Net, Iconocast, Insurance News Network, The Los Angeles
, MediConsult, National Public Radio, News Corp. (Fox Sports),
Newsday and SegaSoft, among others.

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