Jupiter Communications Unveils New Brand Identity

Research firm Jupiter Communications on
Thursday formally launched its new brand identity — a diamond perforated
by two rows of dots, followed by the Jupiter (JUP)
name in sans serif type.

The logo, which will appear on everything from business card to reports,
replaces the old brand identity, which featured a sphere with a dot that
resembled a cocktail olive.

Christopher Johnson and
, a small design shop, was the architect behind Jupiter’s new
brand strategy

The company is also changing its corporate colors. Formerly, it used a teal
blue hue, and it has now adopted the bright orange that’s become so popular
as of late.

“To establish itself as the international leader in Internet commerce
research and analysis, Jupiter Communications had to establish a consistent
brand identity and company voice across its businesses to clearly
communicate its mission while rapidly building a global presence,” said
Christopher Johnson, president of Christopher Johnson and Associates.

Christopher Johnson and Associates has created brand building and corporate
identity programs companies like CNN, Ford Motor Company, Pepsi, and Furniture.com.

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