Looksmart, WOWFactor.com Sign Marketing Pact

Web site directory company Looksmart signed a marketing deal with WOWFactor, the flagship e-commerce brand
of Frontline Communications and a site
focused on women as business owners.

The partnership will reach women and women business owners online through a
marketing campaign with a tagline of “Looking for WOW!” (Women on the Web!).
Spending was not disclosed.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the formal launch of WOWFactor.
The “campaign encourages women-owned businesses to register their Web sites
in the WOWFactor directory. When Looksmart users submit a URL to the
Looksmart directory, they will receive an e-mail prompting them to join
WOWFactor, where they can obtain free access to a directory of women-owned
businesses (more than 1.2 million listings) and technologies including a
business locator feature, the TradeSecrets discussion list, and WOWPower
tools for e-commerce.

“There are over nine million women-owned businesses nationwide. . . .Because of Looksmart’s
high-quality content and user base being skewed 61 percent women, it is
exactly the type of brand that WOWFactor seeks to work with in meeting the
needs of women online,” said Margaret McGillin, founder and president of WOWFactor.

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