, AltaVista Partner for European Expansion will use its private-labeled Web lottery to drive repeat
traffic to AltaVista’s European properties, through terms of a deal
announced Thursday.

Visitors to AltaVista’s UK site will be able to enter into a free, daily
chance at winning $1 million, or other prizes.

Players pick seven numbers out of 50 and validate their entry by clicking
on a banner ad. The version for the UK will be localized for
British users; for example, the choice of advertisements on which the
players click to validate their choice of numbers will be specific to the UK

The deal also encompasses similar programs on AltaVista’s French and
German sites. The companies said they planned to roll out the program for
other European countries at a later date.

The move marks an effort by Silicon Valley-based LuckySurf, which
operates its own site in the U.S., to expand its B2B lottery business

“As we move into European markets, we are benefiting from our experience
of becoming one of the top two free lottery sites in the extremely
competitive U.S. market,” said co-founder Daniel Laury.

“To ensure that our European expansion succeeds, we are adapting to each
country’s culture and choosing the right strategic partners. AltaVista
shares our vision for reaching European users, and we look forward to a
mutually successful partnership.”

The LuckySurf package will augment AltaVista UK’s existing agreement with, which provides entries into the UK’s national lottery. The
search engine did not disclose how it plans to integrate the two offerings.

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