MatchLogic Launches Intelligent Targeting Service

Excite’s MatchLogic Inc. in Colorado launched
TrueSelect, a new service that it said “redefines intelligent targeting in the
digital marketing space,” by providing advanced one-to-one anonymous customer
targeting capabilities.

TrueSelect directs banner ad or daughter window content to specific users, so
a company can focus an online ad campaign to precisely the audience it
desires, the company said.

Four types of information are collected to learn
about users–location, demographics, search engine keywords, and browsing

“Intelligent targeting does not exist without measurement. It’s more than
using the latest, hot software. You’ve got to have better data in the software
to begin with,” said Steve Willett, MatchLogic’s director of advanced
targeting. “With TrueSelect, we collect and process extensive information
describing Internet users so our advertisers know who’s out there and what
kind of ads they want to see. Then, we provide precisely the right message to
the right audience at the right time7”

TrueSelect supports four types of anonymous targeting:

  • Geographic – Information about an individual user’s location, based on
    ISP address.
  • Demographic – Information such as gender, age, income, presence of
    marital status, and education, obtained from user registrations or opt-in
    mailing lists.
  • Keywords – Keywords entered into a search engine are recorded and
    processed to
    determine what a user’s interests are.
  • Intender (behavioral) Targeting – MatchLogic works with its clients to
    and build specific profiles of online behavior. When users carry out any of
    several pre-defined activities on client sites, such as clicking certain icons
    or visiting certain pages, the
    behavior is flagged and used to determine what the user’s interests are.

Anonymous behavioral information is processed offline by a variety of advanced
modeling technologies, and used to form a comprehensive database of user
profiles, each assigned an anonymous code number, the company said. When this
“anonymous profile” is used in conjunction with advertiser data, MatchLogic
can determine precisely which users would be interested in any particular

When users visit any of MatchLogic’s network of nearly 1,000 client
sites, they see advertisements from these clients only if the user meets pre-
specified criteria.

TrueSelect also can be used in conjunction with MatchLogic’s TruEffect
tracking service, which reports sales and conversion rates beyond the click-
through, thus offering a true ROI measurement package, the firm said.

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