Media Metrix Launches Local Measurement Service

Media Metrix, The PC Meter Company,
launched a new local market audience measurement service, calling it “the
first-ever body of research to explore the actual behavior of local market
audiences on the World Wide Web.”

The New York City company said the research offers advertisers, marketers and
content providers an in-depth analysis of local market audience behavior to
for local ad rate negotiations, support of local ad sales and to
promote locally targeted Web site content.

The quarterly Media Metrix Local Market Report is based on both national and
local audience reach (unique visitors) and demonstrates how large national and
locally targeted sites vary by market. The report will serve local and
national advertisers and content providers, including newspapers, news
services, local content aggregators, local ISP’s and local telcos, among

The first report covers Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas-Ft. Worth,
Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle,
Tampa, Washington, D.C.

The Local Market Report is compiled using the same methodology as Media
Metrix’ syndicated Web and Online Audience Measurement reports. The data is
gathered with Media Metrix’ patented, proprietary PC Meter software, which is
installed on computers in thousands of households and businesses. The PC Meter
“follows” PC users click by click, page by page, tracking and measuring new
media and digital usage patterns.

“We created the Local Market report in response to the continuing growth of
locally targeted content on the Web, and the industry’s clear need for local
market Web audience data,” said Mary Ann Packo, president of Media Metrix,
Inc. “Our new report allows clients to compare local and national market
performance on the Web and should help generate even more local ad spending.”

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