New Version of Straight UP! Delivered

Straight UP! is delivering an upgraded version of its Internet Marketing ROI
Tracking and Reporting Service.

Straight UP! enables Web
marketers to measure, understand, and increase the impact and effectiveness of
marketing materials, including banners, buttons, e-mail, rich media ads,
interstitials and hyperlinks. Impressions, clicks, sales, revenues, attrition,
net sales, and repeat purchases can be reported in a single reporting

Based on a series of real world evaluations and tests, Straight UP! has
reconfigured the interface to make the application easier
to use and added a Microsoft Excel export capability. Straight UP! has also
added a new Affiliate Tracking application that enables a single user to
automatically track advertising
on thousands of affiliated sites.

“We’ve been testing our system on a variety of e-commerce and retail sites,”
said Rob Erlichman, president and CEO at San Diego-based Straight UP!
Software. “Marketing and engineering staff have provided us with feedback and
suggestions that we have incorporated to make Straight UP! the most
comprehensive and easiest to use Internet marketing analysis tool on the
market today.” Pricing details were not disclosed.

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